Common Marketing Problems To Fix in 2023

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What kinds of marketing challenges have you faced in the past? What kinds are you currently suffering from? Changes are you have come up against common marketing problems that without resolve are costing you money and time. Do any of these sound familiar?

Your Marketing Staff Is Racking Up Wasted Time Looking for Files 

How quickly can your marketing team find the collateral they’re looking for? Once they do find it how long does it take them to update it for its new purpose? Finding old files to be revised and sent back out to the field takes up a large part of your marketing staffs work.

If you implement a simple spreadsheet in your office to track this time over a month or even a week, you’d be surprised to learn how much time it really racks up.

How Much Are You Spending on Marketing?

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Many businesses have difficulty answering this question. It often surfaces during the time a business sets to determine the budget for next year. Questions like: How much did we spend on promotional products last year and how were they used, often pose serious problems for businesses that are unable to track this data.

Often this is the result of buying on the fly and sending promotional products out to field without a way of knowing how they were used or if they were used.

Without a way to track these items it is nearly impossible to determine their effectiveness.

Nuisance Requests Often Interrupt Major Marketing Efforts 

Has this ever happened: A sales person calls the marketing department at the head office and asks them to send a PDF of the latest trifold on product #723 and to change the phone number to his cell. By the way, he needs it tomorrow.

Depending on the exact situation, it’s likely you’re going to try to make it happen, but now this new task takes over your daily work. Instead of completing more important tasks, you’re faced with a pressing last minute agenda item that you didn’t budget time for.

Scrambling at The Last Minute for Collateral for Trade Shows and Events 

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You just received the news, the company is signed up for an event this Friday and your sales reps need promotional products asap. What do you do?

Most likely you result to using what you already have. What do we have left over from past events that we can use for this one?

Using leftover items causes your company to look mismanaged and disorganized. But what else could you do? Send them to the promotional big box store? Those are a dying breed. Call a bunch of promotional product vendors and hope for a miracle? Fingers crossed!

Lack of Storage and Inventory Management

Be honest, does your business have a back room that’s piled high with disorganized assets and promotional products? Most businesses do. It’s difficult to maintain the organization of these assets. Sometimes, quality counts aren’t maintained for all assets because they don’t pertain to the business’ main product. The less important items fall into disarray while your big ticket product always has the collateral inventory to back it up.

Branding Consistency, Unauthorized Marketing

Are your corporate guidelines followed or are materials getting revised without authorization? If a sales rep is in a tight spot they might be tempted to just modify the collateral, they need themselves and have it printed at a local shop. If this happens, your assets probably aren’t getting printed and developed correctly. Thus, this shoddy work is now a representation your company.

Don’t Suffer These Marketing Setbacks Any Longer

Implementing a marketing asset management (MAM) system can resolve all of these issues. See what collateral is being used when and by whom. Track your inventory in real-time. Set authorization limits on certain materials. Ensure quality and brand standards. All in all, make sure company is being represented and perceived in the best light.

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