What Are Your Custom Marketing Materials Really Costing You?

For businesses looking to cut down on costs, one of the most logical areas to optimize is your marketing collateral. It is very common for the process of preparing, filing, updating and storing marketing assets to become outdated and under managed. Most of the process may be costing you more than it needs to.
Let me ask you, do you have collateral that is deemed obsolete? If so, are you still storing it? This is just one example of an unnecessary cost to you. Why pay to house things you no longer use?

An underlying question to this issue is why has that collateral become obsolete? Part of cutting costs for marketing materials is being able to update and repurpose old collateral. Now this can’t be done for every piece of material, but for a majority of it, it can. Making sure that collateral is constantly updated and reused if possible will save you money in the long run.

Another area of the process you may want to investigate is how marketing material requests are filled. There are many personnel that require the use of marketing collateral, that’s why you have it in the first place, but to get it, they have to send in a request. Once the request is received, is another employee responsible for filling that request, a task that may take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes?

Consider how many requests are made each day. How much of your employee’s time is spent per day, processing and filling requests? How much are you then paying that employee to process requests all day? These are some of things that you’ll want to crunch the numbers on. Much of the costs for the process of marketing material creation, distribution, and filing are hidden. That’s to say they aren’t directly identified in statements, but are part of other costs. This makes it hard to determine what the true cost of your marketing materials is.

One way to get around these issues, is to set up a marketing asset management portal. This would allow you to keep living files of all your marketing materials in one central place for all to access. It would also allow you to automate the filing requests, cutting that task right out of some of your employee’s daily responsibilities. If these areas are properly managed they could end up saving you more than you think in the long run.