Finance Industry Solutions

Drive meaningful engagement with your clients and valued members while driving down costs

Delivering Branded Products Has Never Been Easier

Velocity has a robust history serving clients in the financial industry.

We have handled a variety of different sized projects – from local startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, and everything in between. Our team understands that options on a form can’t always define your project, so we work directly with you to create branded promotions that fit your budget, style, and goals.

Need personalized items or gift boxes? Are products needed for internal or external promotions? Warehousing or ship-on-demand services? We offer more than 800,000 products that can be delivered through our streamlined fulfillment services.

Financial Services

As a part of your team, we treat your reputation as if it were our own. We want you to have the same trust and confidence in us that your clients have in you.

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Credit Unions

We help you build lasting relationships with your members and a sense of community with your employees. Outstanding customer service is the cornerstone of our brand.

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Banking and Lending Solutions

Whether your project involves distributing annual reports or promoting new products or services, we will customize a solution that meets your budget and goals without going over budget.

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Custom Storefront and Marketing Inventory Management

Do you have multiple branches or locations and struggle with inventory management and delivery?

Velocity is an industry leader in developing programs that address marketing material creation, organization, storage, and fulfillment through the use of custom storefronts. We can create a solution tailored just for your specific needs.

  • Eliminate time blockers, materials, and money.
  • Put an end to outdated materials and inconsistent branding.
  • Get rid of inefficiency and bottlenecks in your fulfillment process.
  • Drive down costs with on-demand ordering and inventory/usage reporting.

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