Eye-popping Signage

Advertising dollars are getting slimmer and slimmer and the number of different ways to advertise are ever increasing. Attention getting signage remains one of the most eye catching methods to grab attention.




Yard Signs – I love seeing yard signs, it’s a fun way to remind people of upcoming activities and advertise events. They’re affordable, easy and extremely effective.




Sail Banners – Whether you are a restaurant looking to draw attention, a retailer offering a sale, or an event planner the attention getting outdoor sail banners will do the trick.




Vinyl Banners – All types of banners for a variety of use. Indoors, outdoors, with grommets, etc. Vinyl banners are cost effective and go anywhere.




Inflatables – Want to really grab some attention to passers-by, inflatables are a can’t miss. Available in lots of different styles and options they will grab the attention of everyone around.


If you need assistance finding the right signage for your needs and budget, please reach out to our promotional team at promote@velocityprint.com.






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