Our Custom Marketing Storefronts Make Asset Management Easy

Velocity is an industry leader in developing programs that address marketing material creation, organization, storage, and fulfillment through the use of custom marketing storefronts.

All of your companies marketing material can easily be made available to your marketing team, salespeople, remote locations, other divisions, distributors, etc. Through our custom marketing storefronts, your marketing team will have everything they need at their fingertips when preparing for a trade show, meeting, or event. Our programs are all 360, with distribution and fulfillment, so after the show, the material is returned to Velocity using prepaid shipping documents. Velocity will clean, pack, store and organize your trade show booth and materials: all company promotional items, literature, banners, racks, etc. until the next show.

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Little boxes sitting on a laptop to represent an online storefront, specifically fulfillment and distribution.

Our Solutions Solve

Lack Of Reporting

Do you have the data you need for proper forecasting of marketing material usage? Do you know how much is spent on all marketing material for the month or year? What items were used the most, and who used that material.

Wasted Time

Are you or your staff spending too much time locating old files or spending unnecessary time making small revisions to those files? Are more significant, more important initiatives being interrupted because of more minor nuisance requests?


Do you toss marketing materials because they grow obsolete or are merely not used? Do you have the flexibility to distribute fresh marketing material quickly?

Timing Delays

Are new promotions delayed because the correct material struggles to get to the field reps? Do you know how, when, and where your marketing materials are used in the field?

Inconsistent Branding

Is your message being correctly communicated and received? Would you like to take advantage of the power of personalized communications with no risk to your design, message, and brand standards?

What We Offer

  • A self-service secure web portal available 24/7.
  • Order corporate branded material for sales meetings or corporate events without calling the marketing department!
  • No More dealing with trade show equipment storage and retrieval.
  • Budget controlled and ordering has to be approved, by your admin
  • Gain intelligence on usage flows, cost and distribution history.
  • Easy integration of co-op programs.
  • User interfaces are available in 11 global languages.
  • Monthly combined billing to reduce invoice approvals
  • Track inventory in real time

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If your company is struggling with any of the above problems, please CONTACT Velocity for a consultation! Our experts are here to help determine if a Custom Online Storefront is the right solution for your organization.

We are EXPERTS at providing robust online corporate storefront solutions for managing marketing material such as printed literature, point of purchase display material, promotional branded products, and trade show event equipment.

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