Promotional Products for the Financial Industry

The financial industry contains many opportunities for businesses to enhance their brand awareness, increase customer satisfaction, improve brand recognition and enhance customer experiences through the use of selectively curated promotional products. Because of the highly competitive nature of the financial industry, the most significant hurdle institutions face is client retention. There are so many options available for clients to select…

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How to Make Working From Home Work For Your Career

Many of us in New York state have been asked to work remotely as the need for social distancing and self-quarantining rises by the day. For many, this is the first time they’ve had to adapt their in-the-office work life to their home, where distractions come in triplets and temptations never cease. Even for seasoned work-at-homers, motivation and persistence wains the longer we’re asked to tune in at home and tune out the rest of the world.

Large-Format Printing Tips

Large-format (also known as Wide-format) printers have the capability to print on various substrates including coroplast, vinyl, foamcore, PVC (and many more!) with a width between 17″ and 100″. Printers with a print width of over 100″ are generally referred to Super-Wide or Grand format. Using rolled substrates (or non-rigid substrates) as opposed to individual sheets, wide format provides the…

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The Ultimate Swag Bag for: 5K / 10K / Half-Marathon / Marathon

As the once bare trees start to blossom, the sun comes out of winter hibernation, and people everywhere feel an overdue longing to be outdoors, now is the perfect time to host a 5K / 10K / Half-Marathon / Marathon! Considering some creative integrated marketing for your upcoming outdoors event? Create the ultimate swag bag and provide participants with wearable…

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Online Storefronts – Reports

There are many names associated with online solutions or storefronts. At Velocity we call our platform Corporate Solutions because it covers so much more than a simple order site. I will publish a series of posts to cover some of the options that should be considered for any storefront to get the ultimate control. A storefront or online order site…

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Online storefronts – The Products

There are many names associated with online solutions or storefronts.  Allowing products to be ordered is only a small piece of the puzzle, controlling the entire process and gathering intelligence that can be used for better control over your marketing assets is powerful and can lead to major savings both in purchasing as well as time. The products are easy,…

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