Getting prospective clients attention, showing appreciation for employees, and increasing brand awareness are all use cases for custom promotional products. Do you know what to get in each situation, and better yet, what messages your promo products are telling? Get the answers to these questions along with tips,  industry knowledge, and success stories.

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9 Best Practices for Marketing Asset Management: Improve Productivity

Your marketing assets are among the most vital resources for your company. They are what tells your story and helps you develop a trusted relationship with your current and future customers. It’s critical to have a solid marketing asset management system in place to understand what you have, who wants it, and how you will get it to them. Below…

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How to Test the Effectiveness of Promotional Items

Marketing materials are what drive consumers to your business, but are they doing their job? Without knowing the effectiveness of your marketing materials there is no way of knowing if they are worth the resources to produce. Knowing if they work as a whole is one thing but know what works in particular is another. What do I mean by…

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Sales Collateral Best Practices in Client Meetings

It’s safe to say that almost all sales reps like to have some sort of sales collateral to bring to a prospect appointment. There is benefit in having an item that sits on a person’s desk or in their home with your brand labeled on that item…..after all, to some that may mean that your brand will stay top of…

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Save Money on Print Marketing Materials With Asset Management Software

For businesses looking to cut down on costs, one of the most logical areas to optimize is your marketing collateral. It is very common for the process of preparing, filing, updating and storing marketing assets to become outdated and under managed. Most of the process may be costing you more than it needs to. The Cost of Obsolete Marketing Collateral…

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