Reaching your prospects and clients by mail is important and having a smooth running print and mail solution is crucial to bolster your efforts. As a top print solution company, Velocity has a wealth of tips and industry knowledge that will get your company jump started on their next marketing materials campaign.

Whether you’re in the financial industry, operating a non profit, or involved with another marketing dependent industry (i.e. any industry!), there’s something to be learned.

What Could You Be Doing Instead Of Managing Your Marketing Assets?

The short answer is everything else that’s part of your job. Have you ever accounted for how much time managing your marketing assets takes you? We don’t just mean checking inventory to make sure the collateral you need is ready for the industry conference at the end of the month. We mean every part of managing your assets, from idea…

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When You’ve Got To Cut Marketing Costs—Now

It’s that time of year. Time to review the budget and get next year’s stamped and approved. Perhaps you’re working with what scraps of the budget you have left for this fiscal year or the new budget isn’t as large as you hoped it would be. Whatever the reason, you need to cut costs—now! We’ve put together three tips to…

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Delivering Custom Luggage Tags & More To a Fortune 500 Company

Not to brag, but…Our team excels at custom projects. We recently handled a special project for a Fortune 500 client to create a series of gifts for an executive leadership training series. This involved sourcing a stylish custom box that featured a debossed logo, as well as custom foam inserts that would not only protect the product, but have an…

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Custom flash drives – A Success Story About Branding

Here is a short story of how we helped one of our customers prepare for a Symposium in Las Vegas. Kevin, our Central NY Account Executive, was contacted by the ESD Association (Electrostatic Discharge Association), headquartered in Rome, NY, to assist them in sourcing products for their upcoming symposium which was being held in Las Vegas. They were looking for…

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