Ten80’s Distribution & Fulfillment Need


Ten80 Education is a nonprofit formed by a team of engineers, scientists, teachers, professors, and parents all dedicated to helping students at an early age excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Some of their partners include the U.S. Army, NASCAR, CASIO, and Texas Instruments; all organizations that share a progressive view for education. Ten80 conducts the Student Racing Challenge each year, promoting the concept “The more you know, the faster you go …”. Students engineer and build a 1:10 scale electric remote controlled car using their understanding of race engineering and aerodynamic design to improve performance. Schools compete in time trials and head to head races on road courses and drag strips. The vendor who was fulfilling these orders for the car kits struggled to meet the expectations of the organization. Most of the issues had to do with transparency in the operation, reporting and proper response times. Velocity stepped in to streamline the order fulfillment.


Velocity created a specialized ordering system through Velocity’s Corporate Solutions by which the customer emails a detailed order request to the fulfillment department. The order is fulfilled, shipped and tracked. Ten80 has access to inventories and order tracking through Velocity’s custom online web link. By using a central procurement location, duplication in the ordering process stopped immediately while turnaround time was reduced to next day shipping.


Ten80 remained informed throughout every step of the process. By checking on inventories in real time, Ten80 could forecast for the future using actual numbers, something that was difficult to achieve with the previous provider. With everything in one location, orders were received by the end user quicker which led to higher satisfaction scores for the organization. As an added value, the Velocity warehouse was located a short distance from the Ten80 corporate office which made transparency easy through onsite visits from the client.

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