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In a digital forward world, print marketing continues to be a trusted source that has lasting impact. Not only does direct mail get read more than email, but direct mail response rates outperform all digital channels combined. With other digital advertising coming with a costly price, bulk direct mail can be the solution many marketers are looking for. Even more, mail campaigns can work in tandem with their digital counterparts through re-targeting, data-driven targeted mailings, and geolocation initiatives.

“74% of marketers said direct mail delivers the highest response, conversations, and ROI of any channel they use.”

Mail planning and scheduling are coordinated with the production department from the moment your project enters our facility.
Using state-of-the-art barcode reading technology, “match mailing” of personalized letters with envelope addressing and insertion can be fully automated, reducing both cost and processing time.
Our expert staff can assist you with list procurement from verified sources and vendors to ensure optimal targeting of audiences.
Using CASS Certification, NCOA list processing and deduping
The latest processing technology yields new levels of accuracy in the verification of deliverable addresses, tracks mail throughout the postal system to confirm delivery and allows commingling of mail from multiple projects to achieve lower postage costs.

Direct Mail Service Areas

The simple fact is that mailing technology has become very complex. Once you get beyond putting a “Forever” stamp on a greeting card and dropping it in a mailbox, today’s mailing system requires sophisticated software, expensive hardware, and a team of highly trained technicians to make sure your direct mail project goes smoothly.  That is exactly what Velocity Direct Mail Services is all about. From the initial review and analysis of your mailing list to ensure compliance with frequently changing USPS regulations, through the automated assembly and addressing of each piece, to the final delivery to the post office, your direct mail project is handled with precision.

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Targeted Direct Mail

Increase open rates by targeting relevant audiences with tailored messages. Velocity will help create a conversion-friendly direct mailing by working with your internal lists and publicly compiled information to reach your target audience. Leverage desired demographics, like age, income, and geographic location, to cut down on cost, while still reaching action-ready consumers.

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Every Door Direct Mail

Fill geographic market gaps with targeted mailing that selects specific postal routes based on zip codes or neighborhoods. Every door direct mail (EDDM) offers targeted mailing at significant cost savings with the most affordable postage rates. Creating a campaign is easy and allows you to shift your focus as you look to increase awareness and business in surrounding areas and new markets.

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Saturation Mailing

Similar to EDDM, saturation mailing lets you select all residents within a specific postal route or zip code. Unlike EDDM, which requires the mail to be flat, saturation mailing also accepts letter-sized pieces. Get more control with the ability to exclude specific addresses while still getting access to steep postal discounts.

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Personalized Direct Mailing: Variable Data Printing

Take your direct mail targeting a step further by personalizing mailings. Utilizing your mailing lists, and audience interests, we leverage variable data printing to include names and addresses, custom imagery, and curated text. Increase open rates, and better run multiple campaigns with variations in copy to better meet your customer’s needs. Build custom landing page experiences and offer a targeted barcode to recipients.



  • First Class 1-5 Business Days
  • Mail/Standard Mail/Bulk Mail 3-10 Business Days
  • Non Profit Mail – 7-10 Business Days


Perfect for concise, attention-grabbing messages


Ideal for personal and detailed communication


Great for presenting a variety of products or services.


Effective for showcasing extensive product offerings

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