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Financial Promotional Products for Your Next Virtual Event

If you’re in the financial industry and looking to make a strong impression on attendees at the upcoming virtual event you’re hosting or sponsoring, financial promotional products must be a part of your strategy. Branded merchandise and promotional items demonstrate your institution’s dedication to serving, supporting and helping these clients attain their financial goals. It’s Virtual, How Can Promotional Products…

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How to Social Proof Your Custom Marketing Materials

The last time you made a big purchase or needed to hire a company for service, did you ask family, friends, colleagues or read reviews online to help you decide? This act is called obtaining social proof. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product or pay for a service if someone they know has had a good experience with…

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Considerations When Outsourcing Fulfillment of Custom Promotional Products

Warehousing and Inventory Storage One of the immediate benefits of outsourcing your fulfillment is no longer needing to store and regulate inventory levels of your products. You likely won’t find many discrepancies among vendors in their storage capacities. What’s better to assess is the quality of their storage center. The space should not only be clean and organized to maintain…

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Branded Promotional Product Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Trade shows will be returning to the circuit in 2022 as in-person events. Although virtual attendees may still be an option for attendance, in-person booths and networking are certainly on the horizon. In order to be ready, you should read up on the latest promotional product trends and start thinking about stocking up on your branded promotional products .  To…

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Client Spotlight: Vision FCU’s Online Storefront Solution

Visions Federal Credit Union has been established and operating for over 50 years, with locations in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Velocity’s initial partnership started a few years back, acting as the company’s print services vendor. In this role Velocity assisted with acquiring print materials for Vision’s 50 plus branches and over 210,000 members. During this time, Visions managed…

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Trends For 2022 : Promotional Products & Marketing Materials

As we leave 2021 behind and enter 2022, we welcome new trends for promotional products and marketing materials. Although the start of a new year brings to mind the start of a new chapter, we still carry with us our experiences from the past year and those memories impact trends for this new beginning. We must consider how our customers…

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Warehouse Operations

If you’ve been handling your warehouse operations in-house and are now researching not only what is involved in making the switch to outsource but, more importantly, if the switch is worth it, we have answers for you. Even if operations are still running well for you at this point in your business, it’s good to get an understanding of what…

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Finding the best Promotional Mugs

We’ve talked a lot about promotional products on this blog and specifically focused on ensuring your business chooses the right promotional products and deploys the most effective promotional product client acquisition , corporate gifting or client retention strategy. If you find that promotional mugs are the best product for the strategy your business is planning to implement, there are a…

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The Benefits of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting serves as a great way to show appreciation for the support your clients, customers, stakeholders, or shareholders give your company; the work your employees put in to keep the business thriving; and the interest potential customers have shown towards your services or products.   Each of these groups should be considered when planning your end-of-year corporate gifts. It’s…

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