Promotional Merchandise & Print Marketing Experts

Velocity is a northeast based company with representatives in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida. Velocity was founded in 1986 and has recently undergone some upgrades to better serve as a valued extension to marketing teams across all industries.

Velocity knows how to make the impossible possible by offering a complete range of print, marketing distribution and fulfillment services. Velocity has developed industry-specific and cost-effective solutions to help create, organize, store, and distribute marketing materials anywhere.

Velocity’s personalized Corporate Storefront’s distinctive design supports its clients by helping them better manage their branded materials and company business cards, handbooks, letterhead, etc. Our team believes in building collaborative relationships between our clients. We have found that this technique results in a much more hands-on approach and long-term partnership. Additionally, Velocity offers inter-company communications, apparel, marketing materials, and advertising promotional materials for distribution. Velocity’s print, promotional department, fulfillment, and mailing distribution services combine to help solve many marketing difficulties.

What are the benefits of working with Velocity?

  • Gain control of the creation and production of advertising and marketing materials to ensure that the local sales effort remain consistent with brand standards. Eliminate “discrepancies” by drastically reducing templates and opportunities for change.
  • Marketing materials no longer need to be static: Customization and personalization of marketing material will increase marketing and sales response levels. Data-driven communications that maximize personalization can increase response levels by 35%.
  • Forecasting for future purchases, usage, and determining distribution patterns based on accurate and detailed intelligence makes for easier reactions to the increases in inventories and related expenses.
  • Central procurement: Critical for multiple locations, eliminates the confusion of numerous buyers and duplicate orders for more significant cost savings — centralized billing and usage reporting.
  • Production on-demand: Reduces the obsolescence of materials and products by producing on-demand, further eliminating waste.
  • Cost reduction efficiencies: Extra storage space, reduced distribution costs in freight and delivery, controlled spending through workflow, volume discounts where needed.