About Us

Velocity is a northeast based company with representatives in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida. Velocity was founded in 1986 and has recently undergone some upgrades to better serve as a valued extension to marketing teams across all industries.

Velocity Print Solutions makes the impossible possible by offering a complete range of innovative print and marketing distribution services. Velocity has developed industry-specific and cost-effective solutions to help create, organize, store, and distribute marketing materials locally, nationally, and worldwide.

Velocity’s distinctive design supports its clients by helping them gain control of their communications materials.
Velocity believes in building collaborative relationships between the client and a dedicated sales person which results in a much more hands-on approach on a long-term basis. Additionally, Velocity offers personalized corporate solution storefronts, whether it be inter-company communications, marketing materials, or advertising promotional materials for global distribution. Velocity (Print, Promote, Fulfillment) can help solve marketing difficulties.

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