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Custom promotional products – from sourcing to fulfillment to shipping

Our team excels at custom projects. We recently handled a special project for a Fortune 500 client to create a series of gifts for an executive leadership training series. This involved sourcing a stylish custom box that featured a debossed logo, as well as custom foam inserts that would not only protect the product, but have an elegant presentation and ship safely both domestically and globally. There were different themes based upon which country and location the leadership class took place. Some of the gift items included personalized letters, branded leather luggage tags, engraved brass compasses, commemorative coins, acrylic branded paperweights, and imprinted magnifying glasses as well as other items. Our promotional team and account manager sourced all the products and handled the print, packaging, fulfillment and shipping to over 50 locations globally. So, if you have a unique project and are wondering where to start or what vendor to contact … give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist and work with you to coordinate all the details so that your project exceeds expectations.

Velocity Print Solutions to centralize manufacturing

Albany, NY

Velocity Print Solutions a Northeast Regional provider of print related communication services, headquartered in Scotia, NY has announced plans to centralize their production facilities. Velocity will be moving its smaller lithographic printing operation located in Middlebury, CT to their larger Albany, NY (Scotia) production facility. Velocity will be retaining a sales office in CT to house customer service and sales personnel. A six color large format 40″ lithographic press with automation and coating capability will be moved to the NY facility and will complement the existing offset and digital printing offerings.

Customers asking for higher volume print quantities more suited for lithographic than digital will be pleased to learn we can now offer all this in one location. Project management will be streamlined with the variety of presses all in one location as well as fulfillment, mailing and shipping services. In addition, the corporate office in Scotia will be adding positions for press operators, production and sales staff.

Jim Stiles, CEO states that:

“This consolidation will put Velocity in a much stronger position to compete in the marketplace. Our wide variety of print related services that we currently offer will be complemented by the new services we intend to add in the near future.”

Custom flash drives – a success story about branding

Here is a short story of how we helped one of our customers prepare for a Symposium in Las Vegas.

Kevin, our Central NY Account Executive, was contacted by the ESD Association (Electrostatic Discharge Association), headquartered in Rome, NY, to assist them in sourcing products for their upcoming symposium which was being held in Las Vegas. They were looking for buttons, a tote bag and most important, a flash drive that they could load with all the technical sheets pertaining to the symposium. All items would need to be imprinted with their logo or other message and these would be distributed to all attendees at the event.

Kevin, with the assistance of our crackerjack promo team, sourced a very slick looking 1GB Jaguar Flash Drive (pictured) that would be perfect for their needs.

It was imprinted on both the cap and the sides of the drive and then all the data was uploaded for them. When complete all the products were shipped directly to our customer for a successful event!

The moral of our story? Don’t just think of us as just your printer. Yes, of course that is our core business but we are very much solution oriented and love to partner with our clients on all their marketing needs. We can simplify any event you may have. From printing registration packets, conference binders, training manuals, name tags, lanyards, posters, banners, gift bags, giveaway items, etc. … You name it and we’ll find it for you. Our production team can package everything for you and our shipping crew can ship directly to your event location to save you the hassle of transporting yourself.

Multi-tasking: Skill or excuse?

The other night, after dinner, my daughter and I were cleaning up the kitchen. I was washing the dishes, she was drying them and putting them away – or at least that was the task she was assigned. She dried some and put some away and then I noticed that the dishes were piling up beside me. I looked around and found her feeding the cat. She came back, dried a few more dishes and disappeared again, this time she was writing a note to herself about school. She came back again and helped a bit more, then was gone. When I tracked her down she was checking her email to see if her teacher had replied to her about a project. When I questioned her about the mounting stack of dishes on the counter she replied that she was multi-tasking.

That really made me think about the value of multi-tasking as a skill. How often do we let ourselves get pulled in different directions instead of staying focused on the task at hand? Our industry demands everything immediately. I don’t even get actual deadlines anymore, everything is either HOT or due ASAP. This false sense of urgency makes it easy to justify the partial completion of jobs and projects in favor of the most recent crisis that was dumped in your lap.

So, is it a skill to let yourself get interrupted? Is it good time management to drop everything you are doing in order to work on something that is of equal importance as the project you were working on in the first place? Are you using good organizational skills if you start a project and then stop it in favor of working on something that you would rather do? Is multi-tasking just another way of saying, “I get easily distracted”?

In answer to all of those questions I would have to say, “It depends on the situation.” I would love to be able to tell everyone who calls, emails and stops by my desk that I’m busy and that I’ll help them as soon as I wrap up whatever I am working on. However, the reality is that our business is so fast-paced that I think I could only get away with that kind of response a couple times before my boss started getting complaints. The trick really seems to be determining what is truly urgent and what can wait. Once you know that, then you can decide whether you are going to multi-task or just plain task.

Eye-popping signage

Advertising dollars are getting slimmer and slimmer and the number of different ways to advertise are ever increasing. Attention getting signage remains one of the most eye catching methods to grab attention.

yard signs

Yard Signs – I love seeing yard signs, it’s a fun way to remind people of upcoming activities and advertise events. They’re affordable, easy and extremely effective.

sail banners

Sail Banners – Whether you are a restaurant looking to draw attention, a retailer offering a sale, or an event planner the attention getting outdoor sail banners will do the trick.

vinyl banners

Vinyl Banners – All types of banners for a variety of use. Indoors, outdoors, with grommets, etc. Vinyl banners are cost effective and go anywhere.


Inflatables – Want to really grab some attention to passers-by, inflatables are a can’t miss. Available in lots of different styles and options they will grab the attention of everyone around.

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